XOR Data Exchange is revolutionizing data management by bringing privacy and accountability to the data sharing environment. Our unique data sharing model ensures that you can put your company's data to use for any application without compromising security standards or competitive advantage. Whether you serve consumers or other businesses, we can help you uncover applications you never thought possible to optimize your operations and mitigate risk.



If your company carries risk associated with serving small businesses, we can help you better determine the legitimacy and creditworthiness of your potential clients. XOR offers comprehensive insights for every small business – even those without credit history.


As corporate data breaches continue to leak our most personal details, identity theft and consumer fraud will continue to grow. Don't take the loss for someone else's data breach. XOR can help you identify your riskiest customers and protect them at every point in your relationship.


Data is one of your company's most valuable assets; don't let your vendors and third parties put it at risk. XOR can help you retain ownership and protect the privacy of your customers and employees through advanced data management software and analytics development.

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XOR provides access to unique data sharing that drives incremental lift in risk, authentication, customer acquisition and management, and regulatory compliance. We currently manage permission-based data exchanges that serve credit card issuers, small business lenders, marketplace lenders, and the wireless, cable and satellite industries. We also have several new exchanges in development. To learn more about our exchanges or to discuss a new exchange that will help you propel your business and your industry forward, contact us.

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