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The Nation’s First Multi-Industry, Permission-Based Data Exchange

XOR Data Exchange was built by data and analytics industry experts who are driven by the conviction that existing data sharing practices are broken, and lack transparency and control for data owners and consumers.

Built from the ground up with security in mind (using “Privacy by Design” principles), XOR develops permission-based data exchanges that solve the fraud and credit risk weaknesses plaguing the finance and communications industries. But it doesn’t stop there. Our solutions are flexible enough to address nearly any business challenge while allowing you to retain control and ownership of your data.


XOR Data Exchange is giving control back to data owners. Our permission-based data exchanges ensure accountability and transparency for data owners, while also helping companies capture significant monetary value from these previously under-optimized data assets.

Our exchanges strictly limit the use of data to the permissions granted by Exchange Members and consumers who directly establish privacy settings with us. Data owners decide what data can be accessed—down to the element—for what purpose and by whom. They can even set a limit on the volume of data accessed. These are controls and capabilities never before widely available for data sharing.


The public good created by responsibly sharing data is enormous. Fraud consortiums have saved tens of millions of consumers from identity theft crimes and hundreds of millions of dollars to credit card issuers. Healthcare companies share lifesaving data. Alternative credit data transforms the borrowing experience for many consumers. And, the national credit bureaus create economic stability and enable lower costs for consumer credit services. Simply put, data sharing is too important to be mismanaged.

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