Data Breach Digest: April 2017
By | May 1st, 2017 | Data Breaches


XOR is committed to helping protect consumers and businesses from the fraud resulting from data breaches. Each month, we’ll bring you a digest of activity impacting the data breach landscape and information on how to better protect your employees’ and customers’ privacy.

Data Breaches Reported in April 2017

The Home Depot
InterContinental Hotel Group – Holiday Inn
Scottrade Bank

Daily Mail: Hundreds of major hospital data breaches have gone unreported

Of the nearly 1,800 U.S. hospital data breaches that occurred between 2009 and 2016, Michigan State University researchers found that only 68% of the attacked entities reported the incidents.

BankInfo Security: New Mexico Governor Signs Data Breach Notification Law

Gov. Susana Martinez has signed legislation making the state New Mexico the 48th state to enact a data breach notification law.

SC Magazine: 2015 Neiman Marcus data breach more damaging than first reported

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus filed a report in April to the California attorney general reporting that recent large-scale data breaches impacted more websites and customers than originally suspected.

Thales: 34% of U.S. Federal Government Agencies Experienced Data Breach in Last Year

According to the 2017 Thales Data Threat Report, Federal Edition, 65% of surveyed federal respondents reported experiencing a data breach in the past, and 96% considered themselves vulnerable.

Network World: Anthem to data breach victims: Maybe the damages are your own darned fault

Customers suing the insurance giant for damages associated with a large data breach are withdrawing their suits after the company secured permission to examine computers to disprove breach relationships to fraud.

CBR: Hackers plead guilty to 2015 TalkTalk data breach

Two men in the U.K. have pleaded guilty to the theft of hundreds of thousands of sets of customer data in the 2015 TalkTalk data breach.

During the last six years, fraudsters have stolen more than $112 billion from financial institutions and consumers, and data breaches are driving that number up annually. That’s $35,600 disappearing every minute. If you’re interested in learning how to prevent losses to your organization caused by data breaches, give us a shout.

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