We’re Working to Protect Consumers

XOR’s Compromised Identity Exchange was designed to protect consumers whose personal information has been compromised in one or more data breaches from identity theft and fraud.

We do this by allowing service providers such as banks, lenders and wireless carriers to reference records of breached data and known fraudulent activity to identify customers and applicants who are at higher risk of experiencing identity theft, so they can focus fraud prevention efforts where they’re needed most.

How is my information used?

If your personal information has been part of a data breach, XOR’s Compromised Identity Exchange allows banks, lenders and other service providers to check their records against known breach and fraud activity in order to prevent fraudsters from taking over your existing account or opening a new account with your information.

XOR retains minimal data about consumers. In some cases, we never even receive consumer profiles — only unidentifiable records — and information is deleted once it’s done being used. As a result, your information cannot be used for marketing or other unintended purposes.

Your privacy is our first priority and our security standards go above and beyond the best encryption available to ensure your data is not compromised in relation to this exchange.

Limit Use of My Information

If you would prefer that service providers not be able to access records of your data associated with breaches or fraud, you may opt to remove your data from the exchange by visiting the link below.


Or remit your opt-out request in a sealed envelope including your name, address, date of birth and phone number to:

XOR Data Exchange
PO Box 91447
Austin, TX 78709-1447