What is it?

Lumen is a patent-pending technology developed by XOR to seek out consumers’ personal information on the Internet, including non-indexed Dark Web sites that traffic in stolen data, and prevent it from being used to perpetrate identity theft and fraud. By identifying and collecting this information, Lumen brings to light which consumers carry high risk of identity theft and protect them before they encounter fraud.

When Lumen finds this personal information, XOR automatically activates protection for consumers by including it in our Compromised Identity Exchange, which synthesizes compromised data with fraud insights to help service providers such as banks and lenders prevent account takeover and application fraud. The result is comprehensive protection for consumers with no sign-up required.

What does it do?

Lumen identifies parts of the Internet, including Deep Web and .onion sites, that trade in personal consumer information. When this stolen information is identified, we put it to work in proactively preventing fraud and minimizing risk.

Automatic Protection for Consumers
Stolen data discovered by Lumen is added to the Compromised Identity Exchange to automatically protect consumers from ID theft and fraud, without any action required or cost incurred by the individual.

Most Comprehensive Protection Available
By identifying PII that is available for sale on black market sites, Lumen offers unmatched insight into fraud risk. Combined with historical information about data breaches and ongoing fraud reporting, the Compromised Identity Exchange produces the most accurate insight into fraud risk available on the market.

Undiscovered Vulnerabilities
By going directly to information marketplaces, Lumen can identify lost or stolen data compromised by a data breach, even when an incident has not been discovered, announced or reported.

Get Started

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