Small Business Risk Exchange
What Is It?

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The Small Business Risk Exchange offers unmatched insight into credit and fraud risks associated with serving small businesses. Perfect for lenders as well as telecommunications and utility providers, this exchange allows you to evaluate small business applicants, even with little or no credit history.

Applicant Scoring
Predictive scores and variables help quickly and effectively evaluate applicants for credit and fraud risks

Risk Compliance
Complement your small business KYC and AML compliance solutions with detailed information about even the smallest of small businesses

Data Driven
Developed using historical behavioral data from millions of successful and unsuccessful small business loans and service applications across multiple industries

How does it work?

The Small Business Risk Exchange gathers insight from multiple industries to offer insight into small businesses, including microbusinesses and nonemployers.

  • Purchase blocks of scores using a credit card
  • Use your scores to evaluate applicants using the information you already collect, such as business name and address
  • Review XOR’s fraud and credit risk scores along with details about the applicant’s application and payment history across multiple industries
  • Provide the right offer to applicants to approve conversion and uptake rates
  • Use the money you save by avoiding fraud losses to continue building your business
Get Started

Incorporating the Small Business Risk Exchange into your workflow is simple:

  • Purchase up to 2,000 scores each month using a credit card.
  • When you run out, buy more with one simple click.
  • Need to score more than 2,000 applications per month? Ask us about contract pricing.


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