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In the beginning, data was not readily available to anyone who sought it out. And the sharing and protection of it was naturally a cumbersome process. Fast forward to present day, and data sharing practices have grown but look very similar to the early days. And the number of data transportation vehicles has grown exponentially. In order to remain secure, new data security measures must be continually developed and evaluated to protect this data.

Over the last few years, multiple industries have experienced a surge in account application fraud and associated losses. In order to help B2B service providers better evaluate applications particularly in the small and microbusiness segments, XOR collected and analyzed six million applications over 24 months to financial and telecommunications service providers – the largest study of this kind to date. Through this comprehensive analysis, XOR uncovered a number of powerful predictors of both fraud and credit losses. These indicators, if used at the time of application, can substantially reduce both credit and fraud losses stemming from small and microbusiness applications.

Posted: on the June 21, 2018 by XOR Data Exchange in Data Sharing
Posted: on the June 21, 2018 by XOR Data Exchange in Data Breaches
Posted: on the June 21, 2018 by XOR Data Exchange in Data Breaches, Data Sharing